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People are different and so is their cancer, patients should be treated individually.

We have founded 2cureX with the vision of improving treatment efficiency for all cancer patients.

2cureX is a Biotech company, with the help of Functional Precision Medicine we enable physicians to select the best Individual Drug Therapy for their cancer patients. We have developed the IndiTreat® test – a functional precision medicine test, that allows physicians to match the individual cancer patient with the most effective cancer drug treatment. Learn more about IndiTreat® test.

The 2cureX company originates out of a recognition for an unmet need in clinical practice to match cancer patients to those therapies that work best for individual patients. One of our guiding principles is that there is a tremendous clinical relevance in exposing the patient’s tumor cells directly to the drugs that could be used to treat those tumors in order to select the most effective treatment for those patients.

The IndiTreat® Sensitivity Test for colorectal cancer has a European CE-IVD approval and our company is conducting ongoing multi-centre clinical validation trials with leading Cancer hospitals within Ovarian Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer.

2cureX Business Model

2curex offers the IndiTreat® Sensitivity Test to cancer hospitals and oncology clinics. Our testing method is based on a small tumor-sample taken from a patient that will be sent to a central 2cureX lab for analysis. The physician will receive a detailed drug-sensitivity report via Email after approximately 20 days upon delivery of the tissue sample to the 2cureX lab.

2cureX Headquarters is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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2cureX, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark| Phone: +45 2211 5399| E-mail: info@2curex.com

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