People are different and so is their cancer, patients should be treated individually.

How IndiTreat works

How IndiTreat predicts tumor resistance and sensitivity

IndiTreat uses thousands of patient-derived microtumors to evaluate the response of your patients’ tumors to drugs and drug combinations. These include drugs recommended by guidelines and as a special request, we can test off label. We are able to recommend drugs as well as drug combinations. Drug combinations are of particular significance to IndiTreat, as IndiTreat is today the only practical means to test the effect of different combinations.

Measurement of drug resistance and sensitivity


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Want to know more?

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Key benefits of IndiTreat

  • Tumor resistance
    Predict tumor resistance and sensitivity to cancer drugs
  • Right cancer treatment
    Select the most appropriate treatment, in accordance with guidelines or off-label
  • Better patient outcome
    Improve patient quality of life through in vitro testing of drug efficacy on the individual patient
  • Help chemo-naïve CRC patients
    Identify the most effective treatment in chemo-naïve colorectal cancer patients
  • Help late-stage CRC patients
    Identify the most effective treatment in late-stage colorectal cancer patients
  • Functional precision medicine
    Complement the genomic characterisation of tumours with functional data on resistance and sensitivity to drugs