General Meetings


Extra General Meeting In 2cureX AB

Proxy form EGM (In Swedish)
Proxy form EGM
Form for advanced voting EGM (In Swedish)
Form for advanced voting EGM
2cureX Warrant terms Bilaga 1d (In Swedish/English)

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022

Fullständiga beslutsförslag  (In Swedish)
Fullmaktsformulär – Årsstämma 2022 (In Swedish)
2cureX – Årsredovisning 2021 (In Swedish)


Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021

Terms for Warrants in 2cureX AB, series 2021/2024 (In Swedish/English)
Fullständiga beslutsförslag (In Swedish)
Formulär for poströstning (In Swedish)
Fullmaktsformulär (In Swedish)


Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

Extraordinary General Meeting 2020-11-05 | Proxy EGM – 2cureX AB
Extraordinary General Meeting 2020-07-02 | Proxy EGM – 2cureX AB

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020

2cureX Annual Report 2019
Fullmaktsformulär – Årsstämma 2020 (In Swedish)
Fullständiga beslutsförslag inför årsstämma 2020 (In Swedish)


Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019

2cureX – Årsredovisning 2018 (In Swedish)
Fullmaktsformulär – Årsstämma 2019 (In Swedish)
Fullständiga beslutsförslag inför årsstämma 2019 (In Swedish)

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) 2019

Complete decision basis for EGM – 2cureX AB
Proxy EGM – 2cureX AB


Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018

2cureX – Årsredovisning 2017
Fullmaktsformulär – Årsredovisning 2018
Fullständiga beslutsförslag inför årsstämma 2018


2cureX – teaser – May 2018

Upcoming events

October 13, 2022

2cureX presents at Redeye Investor AW in Malmø, Sweden

Redeye events list

October 26, 2022

2cureX presents at Redeye Medtech event in Stockholm, Sweden

Redeye events list

November 24, 2022

Interim Report Q3 2022 released

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November 24, 2022

Q3 Report webcast and Q&A session

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