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New Year, New Website, New Blog

We are on a journey to change the way cancer patients are treated. 2023 will be an eventful year at 2cureX with significant milestones in terms of customer uptake, portfolio development and business model transition

2023 is here…

…and with it comes our renewed commitment to bring the benefits of Precision Oncology to cancer patients.

2023 will be quite a year for us at 2cureX. In the last two years we have seen a fast transition in the field of Functional Drug Sensitivity Testing (f-DST) on 3D microtumors. From being a research and drug discovery tool, it has started to be considered as a tool to guide therapy decision-making in routine clinical practice. At 2cureX we are leading this transition, and we have CE marked and launched the first three IndiTreat® tests to guide colorectal cancer treatments. We have built a network of distributors across Europe who are introducing it to hundreds of healthcare professionals (mainly oncologists and pathologists) and have started receiving patient samples in our laboratories.

While we know that a radical innovation like this will take time to become mainstream, we expect to see a significant uptake in the use of the IndiTreat® tests in the different countries. In 2023 we’ll launch several clinical studies to support the rollout of the products and the reimbursement applications and will have IndiTreat® transferred to an external lab for the first time, a step that will open the possibility of our expansion beyond Europe.

A new 2cureX website

Keeping investors informed and engaged is of utmost importance for us. We do that through multiple channels: press releases, quarterly reports, webcasts, presentations at events, 1:1 mail conversations, and, of course, our website.

2cureX has dramatically evolved in the last years, from being a research-oriented company to being a fully-fledged diagnostics player. But the design and contents of our website had not kept up with that transformation, so we felt it was time for a change. Rather than an update, we went for a completely new site, designed from scratch to provide easier navigation, better content, and new features that we hope will prove useful for current and future investors.

Our product website,, focuses on the information needs of healthcare professionals and patients, and will undergo a similar rework over the coming months.

Why a blog?

With all the channels already in place to communicate with our investors, do we really need a blog? Well, we feel the other channels are quite rigid in terms of form and contents, and we are missing a space where we can share our opinions on current affairs, be it industry-related, the overall environment or just things that happen at 2cureX. We will therefore be posting regularly and hope that our readers will appreciate a more informal and flexible approach here. If there are topics you’d like to have discussed, please send your suggestions to Looking forward to a fruitful dialogue.

Date of this post: 09 January 2023