IndiTreat® test

The IndiTreat® Test matches the individual cancer patient with the most effective cancer treatment.
Current cancer entities:
Colorectal cancer – Ovarian Cancer – Pancreatic Cancer

From a small tissue sample (primary tumor or metastasis) we generate thousands of 3D micro-tumors (tumoroids) that have the same properties as the tumor/metastasis in the individual patient. The tumoroids are challenged with single drugs or drug-combinations. Immediately after finalization of the test, the patient will be put on the IndiTreat® guided treatment. This is possible as the treatments tested are all approved by the health authorities.

Key benefits IndiTreat®

  • Ability to provide patients with Individualized cancer treatments
  • No time wasted on treatment decisions that will not benefit the patient
  • Avoid tumor-resistance saves the patient from side-effects and society from wasted funds
  • Implementing the IndiTreat® test is easy and will not disturb other oncology care processes

IndiTreat® will give caregivers the confidence that patients are treated individually to target their tumor most efficiently

IndiTreat® is available as a CE IVD Validated test.

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3D Micro-tumor (Tumoroid)

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