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The commercialization of IndiTreat® has taken off

November 2, 2020


Successful launch in October at ESMO, one of the world’s largest cancer conferences

In line with 2cureX’s commercialization strategy and desire to emphasize the value of IndiTreat to as many oncologists, patient organizations and oncology care payers as possible, it was a high priority that the official launch of 2cureX took place at ESMO2020.

This year’s ESMO (Eur. Soc. Medical Oncology) conference was for the first time conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite the new format, ESMO once again gathered 30,000 participants to one of the largest conferences on medical oncology in the world.

A new IndiTreat® movie generated virtual visits

We created visibility and interest through our well-designed virtual booth including a new IndiTreat movie displaying the clinical benefit and how the IndiTreat test can be obtained. Please have a look:
As part of our virtual launch campaign at ESMO we also initiated a LinkedIn campaign targeting oncology professionals, which generated more than 100,000 impressions.

CEO Ole Thastrup states:I am happy to see that the marketing activities at ESMO and LinkedIn attracted many cancer care professionals with whom we are now in a dialogue. At ESMO we moved from talking about the general principle of the IndiTreat® platform to present the first specific product within colorectal cancer (CRC). According to plan and to support the IndiTreat CRC test, we will publish output from our TICC1 trial within the coming months.”

2cureX is expanding the commercial team

Maarten van der Linden, CBO at 2cureX says: “Our ESMO activities and the LinkedIn campaign have generated many leads that we are currently pursuing. To continue the momentum and to ensure that we capitalize on the commercial and clinical opportunity with IndiTreat we are expanding the commercial team at 2cureX with an Account Manager, a Product Specialist, and a Commercial Assistant. We are moving into a very busy and important phase for 2cureX”.


We look forward to keep you updated about the company’s progress in the months to come.

Stay Safe.

Warm regards

Ole Thastrup, CEO 2cureX