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A large Ovarian cancer trial (1,566 patients), ICON8 could not see a significant difference in progression-free-survival (PFS) between dose-dense and conventional carboplatin/paclitaxel treatment regiments (Abstract 805O).


Dose-dense chemotherapy is a treatment regimen where the chemotherapy is providing more frequent to the patients as compared to the conventional, weekly dosing. The hypothesis in the present study was that dose-dense approach would improve patient outcome. However, neither PFS nor Overall survival (OS) differed between the two treatment modalities. This supports the notion that it is not the way in which the treatments are provided to these patients that is important; but it is picking the right drugs for the individual patient. A good example at ESMO is the SOLO-1 trial presented on the 18. September (see above) – where the PARP inhibitor Olaparib provides a significant improvement in five-year survival.

The IndiTreat test is not distinguishing between such two dosing regimens; but providing treatment guidance with regard which drug or drug combination that will identify the most effective treatment for the individual patient.

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