About us


2cureX was spun-out of the Carlsberg Research Center with the vision of resolving the issue that only a small fraction (on average approx. 30%) of cancer patients responds to their specific cancer treatments. Our aim is for functional drug sensitivity testing, as a complementary technology to the work done in genomics, etc. to used for all future cancer treatments, whereby this treatment is decided according to the tumor’s functional properties of the individual patient. True precision. For every cancer patient. Today.

Accepting biological complexity

The functional properties of living cells are highly complex.  The drug treatment responsiveness of the intact tumor of individual cancer patient can rarely (in less than 10% of the patients) be predicted by the patient’s genetic composition.

2cureX’s base technology is built on the principle of accepting the biological complexity of the individual patient and through non-destructive imaging of 3D microtumors (tumoroids) from the patient to find the most effective treatment for this specific patient. For more information, go here.