About us

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is formulated as “Precision Oncology for all cancer patients”, but what does that mean?

Precision Oncology has been described with the catchphrase “the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time” – that is, among all available treatment options, finding the one that will work best for a specific patient in a certain moment of their fight against the disease.

The concept is theoretically based on the use of targeted therapies (drugs that interfere with how cancer cells grow, divide, and spread) and biomarkers (biological molecules that characterize a tumor, and are used to decide if a patient is eligible for a targeted therapy or not).

Unfortunately, most cancer treatments today are based on drugs that do not have associated biomarkers to predict the patient’s response, so patients will receive a treatment regimen based on generic guidelines, and then be monitored to see the evolution of their tumor. If the tumor keeps expanding, they will be switched to another treatment, and so on. It is estimated that less than 10% of patients benefit from Precision Oncology based on targeted therapies and biomarkers.

Functional Drug Sensitivity Testing (f-DST)

Functional Drug Sensitivity Testing (f-DST) has been developed to change that paradigm. We can now take a biopsy of the patient’s tumor, grow biological replicas (sometimes called “avatars”) in the lab, test the different treatments on the replicas and see which ones will have the higher impact on that specific tumor. Simple as it sounds, the technology behind the concept is very sophisticated, and has taken decades to develop.

2cureX is pioneering this new field, and it is our vision that one day, every cancer patient will get one such test before being prescribed a treatment, and be treated only with drugs that have proven to be effective in their tumors.


It is therefore our Mission to “Improve patient’s outcomes by establishing individualized drug sensitivity profiling as routine practice in Oncology, so that all treatment decisions are supported by a personal test”. In other words, developing products for individualized therapy selection and bringing them through the regulatory and reimbursement pathways to make them available to patients all over the world.


That’s our journey. That’s what we do. Every day.