2cureX announces launch of updated Specimen Collection Set

March 23 | 2023

2cureX, a company pioneering the use of 3D tumoroids for drug sensitivity prediction in patients with cancer, announced today the launch of an updated Specimen Collection Set. The improvements provide, compared to the previous one, an enhanced preservation of living tumoral cells, a smaller footprint for easier shipment and storage, and the implementation of the new IndiTreat® logo and design. This update is a step towards the CE-Marking of the Specimen Collection Set under the new IVD Regulation (IVD-R), a milestone expected to be achieved within Q2 2023.

Continuous improvement of 2cureX products

2cureX launched the previous IndiTreat® Specimen Collection Set back in 2021. This Set is part of the IndiTreat® family of products and contains all the elements for storage and transportation of the patient tissue samples, from the moment they are collected at hospitals to the moment they are received at the 2cureX labs in Copenhagen. The Set also contains the barcodes that are used for the traceability of each individual sample throughout the process, using 2cureX’s IndiBase proprietary software.

In our effort to constantly improve the performance of IndiTreat®, the company has identified a new transport fluid that enhances the protection and preservation of patient samples through the transportation process. This is an essential step to ensure the viability of the tumoroids and the success of the IndiTreat® test. With the new transport fluid, we have extra safety in case of longer than expected transportation periods, such as flight delays.

The present update of the IndiTreat® Specimen Collection Set is a step towards its CE-Marking under the new IVD Regulation (IVD-R), a milestone expected to be achieved within Q2 2023.

The Specimen Collection Set is the first element where the new IndiTreat® logo and image has been applied. In the coming weeks this new design will be incorporated in all IndiTreat® marketing materials and presentations.

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