June 18 | 2024

2cureX AB (publ), a company pioneering the use of 3D tumoroids for drug sensitivity prediction in cancer patients, is pleased to announce the appointment of its Founder, Ole Thastrup, as the new CEO.

Tonni Bülow-Nielsen, Chairman of the Board, expressed his enthusiasm, stating:
“We are delighted to have Ole assume the CEO role during this pivotal phase in 2cureX’s development. Additionally, I extend my gratitude to our CFO Kenneth G. Johansen for taking the responsibility as Acting CEO in an interim period.”
Ole Thastrup, the newly appointed CEO of 2cureX, remarked:
“Yesterday, we unveiled significant changes to the 2cureX Group (Press Releases & News | 2cureX). The implementation of these changes, along with the associated investments, will expedite the adoption of functional drug sensitivity testing in the design of individualized cancer treatments. I look forward assisting in this effort alongside our skilled team and dedicated investors.”