2cureX expands distribution of IndiTreat® to Israel

June 28 | 2022

2cureX, a company pioneering the use of 3D tumoroids for drug sensitivity prediction in patients with cancer, today announced the signature of a distribution agreement for Israel with Gamidor Diagnostics, a medical diagnostic leader in that country. The Israelian market is of high strategic importance for 2cureX because of its innovation and trendsetting.

2cureX and Gamidor Diagnostics have signed an agreement by which Gamidor Diagnostics becomes the distributor of IndiTreat® products in Israel. Under the terms of the collaboration, Gamidor Diagnostics will promote IndiTreat® to oncology professionals, sign supply agreements with hospitals and manage the sample logistics between the hospitals and the 2cureX labs in Copenhagen

Despite a population of just 9 million people, Israel has a particularly active pharma, biotech and medtech industry, including approximately 1,500 startups in the field. The interaction of these companies with world-class health institutions in a limited space has produced one of the most innovative healthcare hubs in the world. Being present in this market will enhance IndiTreat® visibility, both with local and global stakeholders.

IndiTreat® now present in 16 countries

“Gamidor Diagnostics is a very strong player in the diagnostic field in Israel, with an outstanding product portfolio. We are thrilled to welcome them as a 2cureX partner,” says Fernando Andreu, CEO of 2cureX. “With this agreement, IndiTreat® is present in 16 countries already and we are well on our way to reaching the goal of 20 countries by the end of 2022”.

Adding IndiTreat® to Gamidor´s leading oncology portfolio

“Gamidor Diagnostics has been a leading supplier of cancer diagnostic systems to the Israeli pathology market for over 25 years and is committed to playing a role in eradicating cancer. With our vision to work for a healthier world through reliable medical diagnosis, it is a pleasure to add IndiTreat® to our Diagnostics product offering. We strongly believe it will meet the interest from both patients and doctors in our country”, says Michal London, Senior Vice President and Division Head of Tissue, Research, Women's Health and POC at Gamidor Diagnostics.

Israel is an important and highly dynamic market

“Israel is known for its highly dynamic medical technologies environment, as well as for its focus on healthcare. Hospitals and doctors are of the highest quality, and I am glad that we will now be able to offer mCRC patients in Israel an individualized drug response profile and help improve their treatment”, says Jesper Floyd Kristiansen, VP Global Business Development at 2cureX. “I am looking forward to starting the collaboration with the team from Gamidor Diagnostics“.

The agreement has been signed for an initial term of three years, with automatic renewal for successive terms. Other terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. Sales impact of this agreement is expected to show in 2022.