2cureX expands its Clinical Advisory Board with Professor Andrew Beggs, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, UK

November 24 | 2021

2cureX AB announced today that Professor Andrew Beggs, from Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) and University of Birmingham, UK has joined 2cureX’s Clinical Advisory Board.

2cureX is a pioneer in drug sensitivity testing using 3D microtumors, with its IndiTreat® technology. The IndiTreat® family of tests is initially focused on Gastrointestinal cancers. Together with hospital partners, 2cureX has proven the clinical utility of IndiTreat® through a prospective interventional trial (the first one where a 3D microtumor test guide treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer).

To support 2cureX’s focus on developing and launching products that are relevant for clinical practice, we are happy to announce that Dr. Andrew Beggs (University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK) is becoming part of our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB), joining current members Dr. John L. Marshall (Georgetown University Hospital, US) and Dr. Jesús García-Foncillas (University Hospital “Fundación Jimenez Diaz”, ES).

Dr. Andrew Beggs is Professor of Cancer Genetics & Surgery in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences and Co-Lead of Molecular Oncology, Pathology and Genetics, University of Birmingham, UK. He is also Head of West Midlands GI & Gynecology Cancer Tumor Board Cancer Research UK & RCSEng Advanced Clinician Scientist, Consultant Colorectal & General Surgeon.

Dr. Andrew Beggs is also Research Director for cancer in the NHS (National Health Service) South and Central Genomic Medicine Service Alliance.

The center for Cancer Genetics and Surgery, University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham led the high-profile FOxTROT trial where 1052 patients were enrolled to assess the impact of neo-adjuvant treatment before surgical removal of a primary colorectal cancer tumor. The successful outcome of the trial is likely to change international guidelines for treatment of primary colorectal cancer. Having GI specialists at forefront of novel treatment modalities being part of our Clinical Advisory Board is very important for 2cureX.

Dr. Andrew Beggs has authored more than 120 articles and is a recognized expert in individualizing cancer treatment by doing multidimensional diagnostic analysis including 3D micro-tumor analysis. The cutting-edge research conducted in Begg’s laboratory has established a biobank of 3D micro-tumors from colorectal cancer primary tumor and from different metastatic sites.

“We have research data to support that 3D micro-tumour testing will become an integral tool in the future individualization of cancer treatment” says Dr. Andrew Beggs and continues: “I am therefore delighted to assist 2cureX in developing the next generation of Functional Precision Oncology tools”.

“Ole Thastrup, CSO and Founder of 2cureX commented: “It is a pleasure for me to welcome Dr Andrew Beggs to our CAB. The CAB (John Marshall, Jesús García-Foncillas and Andrew Beggs) constitutes a strong group of experts that both as a group and individually are in regular interaction with the 2cureX team. In an open and exciting atmosphere these interactions are challenging and thereby sharpening our GI cancer portfolio”.