2cureX reorganizes to an even stronger distributor focus

February 23 | 2022

2cureX, a company pioneering the use of 3D tumoroids for drug sensitivity prediction in patients with cancer, announced today changes to its commercial organization. Jesper Floyd Kristiansen, currently VP Business Development Europe will take over additional responsibilities and change his title to VP Global Business Development. A new Director of Marketing Communications, Mark Gray, will join the company on March 1st. Pia van der Zee, currently VP Marketing, has accepted a position outside of 2cureX and will leave the company mid-March.

The distribution network was expanded in 2021, and further strengthened in 2022 and consequently management has decided to strengthen the distributor support activities by rearranging the commercial organization.

The Marketing function has until now been covering the support to the growing IndiTreat® commercial network and at the same time the communications activities organized in two working streams. These activities will now be redistributed.

Distribution Related activities are grouped together

All activities related to distributor support will become part of the Business Development department, led by Jesper Floyd Kristiansen, whose title going forward will be VP Global Business Development. With this change the company seeks to group all distributor-related activities under one head, to strengthen alignment and continuity.

Appointing a new Director of Marketing Communications
For the Marketing Communications activities, a new Director, Marketing Communications will join 2cureX on March 1st. Mark Gray is a communications professional with a long experience in the In Vitro Diagnostics industry, where he has developed his career in leading companies like Sysmex Europe.

Pia van der Zee who was holding the role of VP Marketing, has decided to pursue an opportunity outside of 2cureX and will leave the company in mid-March. Pia has played an important role leading marketing projects in the last months, and the company wants to recognize her contribution and wish her all kinds of success in her new position.

With the announced changes 2cureX is adapting the organizational structure to the evolving needs as it is rolling out its commercialization roadmap.