November 14 | 2023

Below is a summary of the resolutions passed. Complete resolutions can be found on the company's website. All resolutions were passed with the required majority.

Changes to the Board of directors

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of 2cureX AB (publ) today, 14 November 2023, the Extraordinary general meeting appointed Tonni Bülow-Nielsen as new board members. It was further decided to appoint Tonni Bülow-Nielsen as new Chairman.

The Board of Directors hereafter consists of Tonny Bülow-Nielsen, Michael Schaefer, Ole Thastrup, Michel Klimkeit, Povl-André Bendz and Camilla Huse Bondesson.

Issuance authorization

The Extraordinary General Meeting resolved to authorize the Board of Directors, during the period until the next Annual General Meeting in 2024, to resolve on an issue of a maximum number of shares, convertibles and/or warrants that entitle to subscription for, or entails the issue of, a maximum number of shares that fall within the limits of the Articles of Association, with or without deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights. The authorization may be exercised on one or several occasions and the Board of Directors shall have the right to decide on the detailed terms and conditions of the issue on each individual occasion. In addition to cash payment, payment may also be made in kind or by set-off, or otherwise subject to conditions.

In order to ensure that the company's current shareholders are not disadvantaged in relation to the external investor(s) who may subscribe for shares in the company, the Board of Directors finds it appropriate that an issue with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights shall be made at the Board's subscription price assessed in accordance with market conditions.


The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out below, at 16:00 CEST on November 14, 2023.

Malmö in November 2023
2cureX AB (publ)
Board of Directors

N.B. This English text is an unofficial translation of the Swedish original of the notice to attend the extraordinary general meeting in 2cureX AB, and in case of any discrepancies between the Swedish text and the English translation, the Swedish text shall prevail.