IndiTreat® selected to prestigious multinational ovarian cancer project.

February 4 | 2021
2cureX is pleased to announce that the DECIDER project that aims to develop novel diagnostic tools and effective drug combinations to treat ovarian cancer patients has been awarded a prestigious grant from the EU.

2cureX will provide functional precision testing within a prestigious multinational Ovarian Cancer project, DECIDER, which has been granted 15 MEUR from the EU. The invitation to participate is an endorsement of IndiTreat®, and in line with 2cureX’s belief that every cancer patient should be treated individually.

In Europe, over 40.000 women die of ovarian cancer every year. In addition to surgery, most patients are treated with platinum-based chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the effect of the chemotherapy often decreases during the treatment cycles, and currently there are few effective treatments for those patients who develop resistance to platinum-based drugs.

The project starts in February and will develop diagnostic tools to identify earlier and more reliably patients whose cancer is not responding to the current treatments. The research also aims to discover effective combination treatments based on the data measured from the tumors.

The DECIDER project includes partners from 14 organizations in seven EU countries.

Defined need for a functional test

Sampsa Hautaniemi, Professor at the University of Helsinki and coordinator of the DECIDER project: “Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in the world and as the population ages, the incidence of cancers will only increase. Any new tools that enable better and more targeted treatment of cancers in the future will not only decrease the amount of human suffering, but also the burden on healthcare. I am happy that 2cureX participates in the project with their unique functional test.”

Strengthening of 2cureX’s ovarian cancer pipeline

Ole Thastrup, CSO and Founder: “I was very excited when 2cureX was invited to participate in the DECIDER project. This is a unique opportunity to apply our IndiTreat technology to circumvent resistance to standard chemotherapies by finding new effective combinations of already approved drugs. All relevant data from the patient will be integrated and handled by artificial intelligence processes to build diagnostic and new treatment scenarios for this devastating disease that often is called “the silent killer”. I see the invitation of 2cureX to conduct the functional testing in DECIDER as a token of confidence from scientific peers in the field”.

Important endorsement of IndiTreat®

Fernando Andreu, CEO in 2cureX "2cureX’s participation in the DECIDER project is an important endorsement of our technology as a reference in functional oncology testing from key opinion leaders in the scientific/clinical community. It is also perfectly aligned with the ongoing development of our next product family in ovarian cancer".

For further information, please contact:

Ole Thastrup, CSO
Phone: +45 22 11 53 99

Certified Adviser

Redeye AB
Phone: +46 8 121 576 90


This information is information that 2cureX AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, on February 4th, 2021.

The goal of the 5-year DECIDER project is to discover novel diagnostic tools and effective drug combinations based on data from high-grade serous ovarian cancer patients. Partners in this international and multidisciplinary project come from 14 organizations in seven EU countries.

The partners in the project:

  • University of Helsinki, Finland (Sampsa Hautaniemi, Olli Carpén, Päivi Korpisaari)
  • Hospital District of Southwest Finland (Johanna Hynninen)
  • HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Finland (Anni Virtanen)
  • Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (Jussi Taipale)
  • Danish Cancer Society, Denmark (Tuula Kallunki)
  • Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany (Julio Saez-Rodriguez)
  • Institut Pasteur, France (Benno Schwikowski)
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy (Elisa Ficarra)
  • Insitute for Research in Biomedicine, Spain (Fran Supek)
  • Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain (Salvador Capella)
  • Aiforia Technologies Oy, Finland (Kaisa Helminen)
  • VEIL.AI Ltd, Finland (Tuomo Pentikäinen)
  • 2cureX A/S, Denmark (Ole Thastrup)
  • AB ANALITICA SRL (Diego Boscarino)

About 2cureX
2cureX has developed the IndiTreat® (Individual Treatment) test. IndiTreat® establishes thousands of 3D micro-tumors that are similar to the patient’s tumor and identifies the treatment that most effectively kills the patient’s tumor and the treatment to which the patient is resistant. Immediately after the test, the patient can be offered the selected treatment.

The first IndiTreat® products will be in colorectal cancer. Subsequent products will help patients with ovarian cancer and patients with pancreatic cancer.

The company is listed at the Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm (symbol: "2CUREX"). For more information about 2cureX please visit