New development of the IndiTreat® technology allows prediction of response to anti-angiogenic drugs in colorectal cancer.

August 20 | 2021
2cureX is proud to announce that it has been able to predict response to anti-angiogenic drugs with a modified version of its IndiTreat® technology. The development could be the basis for a new product addressing this drug class. The results have been published together with Rigshospitalet, Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen and University of Bristol.

Solid tumors require an increased consumption of oxygen and nutrients to grow and spread. In order to get this extra inflow, tumors create new blood vessels and hijack existing ones, a process called angiogenesis. It is proven that, without angiogenesis, a tumor can’t grow beyond 2mm and can’t metastasize. Inhibiting angiogenesis is therefore a powerful therapeutic strategy, and several drugs are available for this purpose, collectively called anti-angiogenics.

Currently, there are no molecular biomarkers available to predict if a specific patient tumor will respond to anti-angiogenics, therefore, the drug is prescribed to patients who will eventually not benefit from it. 2cureX has developed a specific version of its IndiTreat® technology that measures the angiogenic capacity of a tumor and predicts its response to treatment with anti-angiogenics. The method and the results have been published in the article “The cancer angiogenesis co-culture assay: In vitro quantification of the angiogenic potential of tumoroids”.

IndiTreat® is a technology to generate in vitro hundreds of 3D replicas, called tumoroids, derived from a patient’s tumor. These tumoroids are then exposed to different drugs in order to assess its efficacy, allowing the treating physician to optimize the treatment regime for that specific patient.

“These are exciting results”, said Henrik Harling, Chief Medical Officer of 2cureX. “Starvation of the tumor by cutting the supply of oxygen and nutrients is a great strategy to avoid growth and metastasis, but we were lacking a tool to predict the efficacy of anti-angiogenics in specific individuals. The results we have published open the door to developing specific IndiTreat® products for this drug class, a very attractive opportunity although there is still work to be done to optimize the method for routine clinical use”. 

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About 2cureX

2cureX has developed the IndiTreat® (Individual Treatment) test. IndiTreat® establishes thousands of 3D microtumors, tumoroids that functionally resemble the patient's tumor and identifies the approved cancer treatment that most effectively kills the patient's tumor. Immediately after the test, the patient is given the selected treatment.

The first IndiTreat® product in metastatic colorectal cancer is introduced to the European market. Subsequent products help patients at different stages of colorectal cancer and other solid cancers.

According to several published reports, the total yearly expenditure in cancer-related In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests exceeds 17.5Bn USD worldwide (1), from which 2.5 Bn USD are tests directly related to therapy decision making, with a CAGR of 12.7% (2)2. Despite this, only one third of all cancer therapy decisions are currently supported by the result of an IVD.

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