March 31 | 2022

2cureX presents at RedEye “Investor AW” (Malmø, Sweden)

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March 1 | 2022

Webinar (HC Andersen Capital): Discussion of the Year-End (Q4) 2021 Report

February 25 | 2022

Webinar (2cureX): Presentation of the Year-End (Q4) 2021 Report by CEO Fernando Andreu, CFO Kenneth G. Johansen and CSO Ole Thastrup

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February 23 | 2022

Fernando Andreu (CEO) and Ole Thastrup (CSO) participation in “Life Science Investor Konference” 23. February 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark

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January 26 | 2022

Mangold Insight Investerardag på tema Life Science – Mangold Fondkommission AB

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January 24 | 2022

2cureX presents at Redeye Theme – Fight Cancer Seminar – Outlook 2022 (Stockholm, Sweden)

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January 13 | 2022

2cureX – Company Introduction by HC Andersen Capital

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December 9 | 2021

2cureX presents at HC Andersen Capital’s Virtual Growth Days (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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December 7 | 2021

CEO Fernando Andreu will present at ”Sedermeradagen Köbenhamn 2021” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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November 26 | 2021

Webinar: Presentation of the Q3 report by CEO Fernando Andreu, CFO Kenneth G. Johansen and CSO Ole Thastrup

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November 18 | 2021

Presentation by Fernando Andreu (CEO) and Ole Thastrup (CSO) at the Investor-week by the Dansk Shareholder’s Association

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November 15 | 2021

Presentation by Ole Thastrup (CSO 2cureX) at the TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference & Expo (Malmø, Sweden)

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October 21 | 2021

Presentation by Henrik Harling (CMO 2cureX) at the 17. National Congress of Digestive Cancers (Viseu, Portugal)

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October 5 | 2021

Precision Oncology Webinar: Beyond Biomarkers. Clinical Peers (Dr. John Lindsay Marshall, from Georgetown University Hospital, US and Dr Jesús García-Foncillas, from University Hospital Fundación Jimenez Diaz, Madrid, Spain and Dr. Lars Henrik Jensen, University Hospital Vejle, DK) present the role of the functional test IndiTreat® in personalized oncology to oncologists and 2cureX’s Distributors (promoted on Oncology Convention website, UK. Open participation.

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