2cureX launches IndiTreat® mCRC Explore and completes portfolio rollout plan for 2022

March 14 | 2022

2cureX, a company pioneering the use of 3D tumoroids for drug sensitivity prediction in patients with cancer, announced today the launch of the IndiTreat® mCRC Explore test, to identify off-label options in 3rd line drug therapy for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). The test is the third in the mCRC portfolio following IndiTreat® mCRC Start and IndiTreat® mCRC Extend. With this launch, the company has completed its portfolio rollout plan for 2022.

Expanding the treatment options for 3rd line patients

When a patient with metastatic colorectal cancer has undergone the first two lines of treatment, there are not many options left for a third line treatment. European guidelines include the possibility of a “re-challenge” with 1st line chemotherapy (FOLFOX or FOLFIRI) or two 3rd line-specific drugs: regorafenib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor by Bayer and trifluridine – tipiracil, a cytostatic by Taiho commercialized in Europe by Servier. Sensitivity to these treatments is assessed by the existing IndiTreat® mCRC Extend test.

To further expand the treatment options for these difficult to treat late stage mCRC patients, 2cureX launches IndiTreat® mCRC Explore. The aim of this test is to assess sensitivity of a patient’s tumor to drugs that are approved for indications different than mCRC – so called “off-label” use of the drugs –. In the interventional trial TICC1 (finalized in 2021), IndiTreat® identified patients who benefited from treatment with drugs used off-label.

IndiTreat® mCRC Explore opens for important insights for oncologists

“3rd line mCRC patients have limited treatment options” says Henrik Harling, Chief Medical Officer of 2cureX, “and with IndiTreat® mCRC Explore we are giving the oncologists a tool to identify new, less obvious possibilities for their patients. Now an oncologist making a 3rd line treatment decision can choose between IndiTreat® mCRC Extend and IndiTreat® mCRC Explore depending on the patient needs and the country-specific regulations regarding off-label use of drugs”.

Portfolio development goal achieved

“With this new test we offer a complete portfolio in metastatic colorectal cancer, supporting treatment decision-making in 1st, 2nd and 3rd line” says Ole Thastrup, Chief Scientific Officer, and co-founder of 2cureX. “Back in October we had announced the goal of having three tests in the market in 2022, and we are proud of having achieved that goal before we anticipated. We will now continue advancing our ongoing projects in non-metastatic colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and ovarian cancer, although the upcoming IVD-R will result in longer product development processes”.

IndiTreat® mCRC Explore in the IGNITE program

“This is an additional tool to engage oncologists” says Jesper Floyd Kristiansen, VP Business Development of 2cureX. “Using IndiTreat® to identify additional treatment alternatives for specific patients is a powerful value proposition, and we have already included IndiTreat® mCRC Explore in the IGNITE program so the interested oncologists can try it”.