2cureX launches IndiTreat® mCRC Start test to guide 1st line treatment

December 14 | 2021

2cureX announced today the launch of the IndiTreat® mCRC Start test, to guide 1st line drug therapy in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). The test is the second in the mCRC portfolio following IndiTreat® mCRC Extend, for 3rd line treatment. The announcement is in line with previous statements by 2cureX about their product portfolio expansion (Q2 and Q3 2021 Reports).

When colorectal cancer patients develop metastatic disease, they are typically treated with one of several chemotherapy combinations, known as FOLFOX, FOLFIRI and FOLFOXIRI (acronyms of the different components of each combination), or with fluorouracil as monotherapy.

Although there is evidence that some patients respond better to one or the other of these options, today there is no tool to predict which is the right one for each individual patient. The goal of IndiTreat® mCRC Start is to provide that information to the oncologists, allowing them to initiate the treatment with the drug most likely to maximize the patient’s Overall Survival.

True impact on patient treatment, groundbreaking technology

“Today, mCRC patients get their 1st line of therapy based on FOLFOX, FOLFIRI or FOLFOXIRI without any assessment of their individual expected response, only based on general guidelines” says Ole Thastrup, Founder and CSO of 2cureX, “but the 1st line of treatment is the one that determines the whole treatment strategy, so it’s extremely important to get it right. With IndiTreat® mCRC Start we are giving oncologists for the first time a tool to personalize the chemotherapy treatment in patients with mCRC based on their individual response profiles”.

IndiTreat® tests renamed reflecting the clinical utility

“We have re-named our portfolio of IndiTreat® tests to better reflect the clinical utility of each of them” says Pia van der Zee, VP Marketing at 2cureX. “The test we already have in the market, previously referred to as IndiTreat® mCRC 3L is now called IndiTreat® mCRC Extend. Today’s launched test was previously called IndiTreat® mCRC 1L and is now named IndiTreat® mCRC Start. With these two tests we are covering most of the chemotherapy treatment decisions in mCRC patients”.

Realizing the portfolio strategy

“Back in Q2 and Q3 we announced a new portfolio strategy, with specific tests that would assist the oncologist in each decision-making point throughout the patient journey” says Fernando Andreu, CEO of 2cureX. “We are very proud now to introduce the second of such tests and will immediately include it in the IGNITE evaluation program, so that oncologists across Europe who are willing to try it can do so. Together with our commercial partners in the different countries we will start promoting IndiTreat® mCRC Start immediately and expect a good reception by customers since we are addressing a real unmet clinical need”.