First hospital joins the IndiTreat® Evaluation Program IGNITE

December 16 | 2021

2cureX announced today that the University Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Madrid, has joined our new IGNITE program to assess the impact of using IndiTreat® mCRC Start and IndiTreat® mCRC Extend tests in their clinical routine practice. The goal of the program is to accelerate the uptake of IndiTreat® in Europe. The information generated in these evaluations will be shared with the oncology community in upcoming scientific meetings. The IGNITE program is currently being offered to key hospitals across 11 countries in Europe.

In most countries in Europe, the decision to use a new diagnostic test in clinical routine is not taken by a centralized body, but on a hospital-by-hospital basis. It is thus important to give hospitals the chance to assess the relevance of the test, as a prior step to a purchasing decision. This step is even more important when the test is a radical innovation and there are no precedents of its use in routine clinical practice.

Launching the knowledge sharing IGNITE program

To accelerate the uptake of IndiTreat®, 2cureX has launched the IGNITE program (“Inducing Growth through a Network of IndiTreat Evaluations”). Under this program, the interested hospitals can get a limited number of patients tested with IndiTreat® at no cost, and they will share their results as a network aimed at inspiring other hospitals to use IndiTreat® as well. 2cureX’s commercial partners are actively offering the IGNITE program to key hospitals in 11 countries across Europe.

University Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz is one of the most prestigious hospitals in Spain, and belongs to Quirónsalud, a private hospital group with 54 hospitals and more than 8,000 beds in Spain.

Building a network of IndiTreat® users

“When introducing a radical innovation in healthcare, it is most important to create a critical mass of users as quickly as possible” says Jesper Floyd Kristiansen, VP Business Development at 2cureX. “This is the aim of the IGNITE program we are offering together with our commercial partners, and we are excited that the first participating hospital is coming from Spain, a country with a large potential for IndiTreat®”.

A great start in Spain

“Having Fundación Jiménez Díaz as the first reference site in Spain is a great start” says Bruno Garganta, Business Unit Manager Biotechnology at Werfen, 2cureX commercial partner in Spain. “The IGNITE program is a very important tool to attract early adopters for IndiTreat®”.