First IndiTreat® order received from Labormed, Slovenia

December 22 | 2021

2cureX, Leader in Oncology Drug Sensitivity Testing, announced today that the company has received its first order for an IndiTreat® product. This milestone has been long expected as it signals the start of a new stage for IndiTreat®. The order, small but of strategic importance, was placed by Labormed, 2cureX’s distributor in Slovenia, for IndiTreat® Sample Collection Sets.

The IndiTreat® Sample Collection Set contains all the elements used by IndiTreat® customers to store the patient tissue sample and preserve it through the transportation from the hospital to 2cureX labs in Copenhagen.

Hospitals need to get these Sample Collection Sets from the distributors in each country prior to scheduling the patient´s biopsy, therefore getting this first order is an important proof point that the process to start using IndiTreat® in hospitals has finally been set in motion. Recurrent orders are expected from this and other distributors as hospitals gradually integrate IndiTreat® to the portfolio of technologies used by their Oncologists.

With this achievement, 2cureX completes all the business goals it had announced for 2021, namely:

  • Getting ISO 13485 certification
  • Successful completion of the TICC trial in metastatic colorectal cancer (supported by EU MicroCaT project – H2020 no. 777718)
  • Launching two IndiTreat® tests – IndiTreat® Start and IndiTreat® Extend
  • Having distribution agreements covering 11 countries and 20% of European population
  • Assembling a new Advisory Board specialized in GI cancers
  • Launching an early access program – IGNITE – and enrolling the first hospitals to it
  • Getting the first IndiTreat® sales

Outstanding year for 2cureX

“This has been an outstanding year for 2cureX” said Fernando Andreu, CEO of 2cureX. “We have built a very solid foundation for our future expansion, at a speed that was only possible thanks to the exceptional commitment and dedication of our team, and our business and clinical partners. We are looking very much forward to an exciting 2022”.