2cureX Newsletter July’20

July 1 | 2020
The summer is well underway and despite a spring that was much different for all of us, 2cureX is well under way with its clinical and commercial activities. The worst phase of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to clear up and hospitals are starting to open for most cancer patients. We see the focus shifting from the Coronavirus back to Oncology treatment. Despite some delays in the patient recruitment, we still expect that the enrolment of patients to our clinical trial in metastatic colorectal cancer will be concluded in Q3 2020. In preparation for the launch of IndiTreat® later in 2020, we have established commercial partnerships with several IVD distributors and hospitals in different European markets.

Latest 2cureX Highlights

ESMO GI, July 4th – 7th

2cureX will take part at the ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer.


2cureX receives 3rd payment from SME Horizon 2020 instrument

2cureX received a third payment of from the EU’s Horizon 2020 SME Program.


2cureX collaboration with Scandion Oncology and Erasmus Medical Centre

2cureX enters a collaboration with Scandion Oncology and Erasmus Medical Center. BioStock, article is in Swedish and English.


Stay safe and have a great summer!

Best regards

Ole Thastrup

CEO of 2cureX