2cureX presents IndiTreat® clinical results at the Society for Functional Precision Medicine

May 9 | 2022

2cureX is pioneering drug sensitivity testing for the individualized selection of cancer treatment. The company has been invited to present the IndiTreat® test and associated clinical data at a seminar organized by the Society for Precision Medicine (SFPM) on 11 May 2022, together with its clinical partner, University Hospital Vejle,.

2cureX has led the development of functional drug sensitivity testing in oncology for the past 15 years. While this was previously viewed largely as a research tool, the medical community recognizes increasingly its significant role in individualizing the treatment of cancer patients. This realization led to the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School (Boston, US) and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle, US) establishing the Society for Functional Precision Medicine (www.sfpm.io). The society’s mission is “to improve patient care and outcomes by facilitating implementation of functional assays into clinical care”.

Ole Thastrup, CSO and Founder of 2cureX: “Drug sensitivity testing is an all-new In-Vitro Diagnostic concept. To establish broad clinical acceptance, it is of tremendous value that prestigious international cancer institutions like the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center recognize the potential of dynamic functional testing.” He continues: “It is an honor to be invited to present the clinical value of IndiTreat® in metastatic colorectal cancer at SFPM, and a pleasure to do so together with our long-term clinical partner, University Hospital Vejle, who recognized the value of this concept before most other cancer hospitals.”

Fernando Andreu, CEO of 2cureX comments “Through their activities and influence, the Society for Functional Precision Medicine is playing a key role in moving drug sensitivity testing to mainstream diagnostics. Our participation in this event is strong support for the ongoing rollout of IndiTreat® in hospitals across Europe”.