Co-inventor of 2cureX patents awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

October 6 | 2022

Professor Morten Meldal was yesterday awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Morten and 2cureX’s two founders, Ole Thastrup and Grith Hagel, collaborated at the Carlsberg Research Center and together invented the core technologies that were the basis for establishing 2cureX.

2cureX was spun-out of Carlsberg in 2006 with these patents that described how patient cells and drugs could be immobilized on solid support and tested for drug sensitivity. The patents have been granted in full in global territories. These initial patents created the basis for subsequent discoveries and issuance of additional intellectual property (IP), and thereby established the comprehensive and strong IP portfolio that protects the IndiTreat® technology today.

Ole Thastrup, CSO & Founder of 2cureX “I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Morten Meldal on this fantastic achievement. Morten is one of the most dedicated and innovative scientists I have met. He has a unique ability to conduct groundbreaking research and look for innovative applications. It has been an honor to work closely with Morten and to see how our early ideas and associated patents created the original basis for 2cureX”.

2cureX continues to roll out its drug sensitivity tests under the CE-IVD-marked IndiTreat® family. Now present in 17 countries in Europe and the near East, the company aims to change the way in which patients with metastatic colorectal cancer are treated. IndiTreat® provides unique supplementary information related to a patient’s sensitivity to chemotherapy, and so delivers guidance to the oncologist’s treatment decision.