Independent market survey shows great demand for 2cureX product portfolio

October 11 | 2022

2cureX has commissioned independent market research experts 2HMforum to survey GI oncologists as to their ‘Attitude towards drug sensitivity testing’ and the market demand for its IndiTreat® products. Using IndiTreat® – its CE IVD-marked drug sensitivity family of tests – the company delivers insight into individual patients’ response and sensitivity to specific treatment regimes. The results of the survey were excellent and confirm the need and demand for this paradigm shift in cancer treatment.

140 experts from key markets
The survey was carried out in three of 2cureX’s key markets: its home market Scandinavia, in Spain and in Poland, the largest and second-largest market with IndiTreat® distribution respectively. Interviewees included a total of 140 experienced experts in gastrointestinal cancer. Participants were blinded to 2cureX to ensure objectivity. In a 30-minute survey, participants were asked to respond to a wide range of questions ranging from current practices and familiarity with drug sensitivity testing to willingness and interest in using the test.

The survey confirms the need and demand for advanced cancer treatment
The results were excellent, highly promising and clearly confirm the experts’ interest in the IndiTreat® products and a need for this advance in cancer treatment.

  • 46% of oncologists believe that drug sensitivity testing can be a useful tool for selecting the right treatment for individual patients. The main value highlighted (83%) was that drug sensitivity testing provides guidance for drugs that do not have an associated biomarker
  • 54% indicated they would like to try a drug sensitivity test with their patients
  • 39% of participants indicated they are likely to use this type of test over the coming 12 months
  • 72% agreed with the statement that new tools are urgently needed to support therapy decision-making in colorectal cancer.

For more information and eight key findings, please see 2HMforum’s publication on LinkedIn here and/or contact 2cureX directly via

Awareness for drug sensitivity testing is still relatively low among physicians but growing fast. As the awareness spreads among decision-makers, and especially hospital administrations, 2cureX is poised to help improve the way cancer is treated. Already present in 17 countries around Europe, the company has the expertise and the infrastructure in place.

2cureX will be initiating discussions with experts to discuss the findings, and so expand awareness and understanding of this vast and growing market.

For more information and eight key findings, please see 2HMforum’s publication here, visit our website and/or contact 2cureX directly via