EU publishes an article about the successful finalization of 2cureX’s MicroCaT project.

November 29 | 2021

2cureX announced today that the European Commission has published an article about the EU funded MicroCaT project (H2020 no. 777718). EU selects a subset of the successful projects for publication at the Commissions website.

The MicroCaT project was successfully concluded on October 2021 (2cureX successfully completed the EU-project MicroCaT and received the final financial tranche of a 3.0 MEUR grant. | 2cureX). MicroCaT was a very ambitious project aimed at showing the clinical validity of 2cureX’s IndiTreat test through a prospective interventional trial in metastatic colorectal cancer. The trial (TICC trial, NCT03251612) was an Investigator Initiated Trial where the clinical partners defined the clinical endpoint to be met. The project plan included the preparation of market entry after a successful clinical trial. Both objectives were met within the projected timeframe.

Fernando Andreu, CEO, 2cureX says “the MicroCaT project is a very good example of how EU-funding can boost creation of new technologies and make them available to European citizens and beyond. For 2cureX the funding came just at the right time. The IndiTreat technology had shown its usability in the laboratory; but was still missing the final clinical validation in patients. We are very grateful to our dedicated clinical partners and the 2cureX staff that made the successful completion possible. The MicroCaT project has allowed 2cureX to accelerate the development of the IndiTreat mCRC products and the roll-out into the European market. It is a pleasure to see that the EU shares our view on the importance of drug sensitivity testing for individualizing cancer patient treatments”.

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