Key achievements in 2020 – an IndiTreat ® Launch year

December 23 | 2020
Despite what has surely been a challenging year for all of us, both as private persons as well as companies big and small, 2020 has been a landmark year for 2cureX. September 2020 marked the official launch of our functional precision medicine tool, IndiTreat®.

With 2020 coming to an end, I believe we are all breathing a sigh of relief, this year has been a year that dramatically influenced our everyday life and confronted all of us what it means when a Pandemic becomes a reality. However, for our company, 2020 marks also the reward of years of preparation, it marks the official launch of the IndiTreat®. Something that fills me with pride and praise for all of those in 2cureX as well as several dedicated external partners that made this possible over the years. This marks a new chapter for 2cureX and as I’m writing this, we’re in the process of identifying new colleagues to support our commercialization efforts.

During 2020 a lot of highlights led us to our launch phase.

Key achievements in 2020:

It is with great satisfaction to look back on our achievements in 2020, the 2cureX team did very well.  

To continue the company’s momentum, the 3-year focus has been outlined in a commercial roadmap for our operational activities, which includes expanding our sales and marketing team.

Key milestones for Q1 2021:

With our focus on 2021, I expect 2cureX to deliver on several important milestones that will fuel a new phase of 2cureX’s development. As previously published to the market, we expect in the beginning of 2021 to deliver on:

  • Clinical data from our colorectal cancer trial
  • Strengthening of our commercial team and effort

With that I want to wish all our partners, shareholders and others that have supported 2cureX throughout 2020 a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

Stay safe out there!

Best Wishes

Ole Thastrup, CEO 2cureX