Notice of annual general meeting of 2cureX AB (publ)

April 28 | 2020
The shareholders of 2cureX AB (publ), 559128-0077, are hereby invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 15:00 (CET) at PwC's office, Anna Lindhs Plats 4 in Malmö.

Right to participate and registration

Shareholders who wish to participate at the annual general meeting must

  • on Friday the 22nd of May 2020 be registered in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB, and
  • notify at the latest on Friday the 22nd of May 2020, in writing, his or her intention to attend the annual general meeting to 2cureX AB, Att: Ole Thastrup, c/o Mazars SET Revisionsbyrå AB, Box 159, 261 22 Landskrona. The notification can also be done by phone +45 22 11 53 99 or by e-mail Such notification shall include the shareholder’s complete name, personal identification number or corporate registration number, number of shares, address, daytime telephone number and if any, and where applicable, details of representatives or proxies (two at the most). The notification should, where applicable, be accompanied by proxies, registration certificates and other authorization documents.

Nominee registered shares

To be entitled to participate in the general meeting, shareholders whose shares are registered in the name of a nominee must temporarily re-register their shares in their own names in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB. Such registration must be duly effected in the share register on Friday the 22nd of May 2020, and the shareholders must therefore advise their nominees well in advance of such date.

Agents, etc.

If shareholders are to be represented by a representative, the representative must have written, dated and signed power of attorney to the meeting. The power of attorney may not be more than one year, unless a longer period of validity (but not more than five years) has been specified in the power of attorney. If the power of attorney has been issued by a legal person, the representative shall also include the relevant registration certificate or equivalent document of jurisdiction for the legal person. In order to facilitate entry, a copy of the power of attorney and other authorization documents should be attached to the notification to the Meeting. Proxy forms are available on the company's website and sent by mail to shareholders who contact the company and state their address.

Number of shares and votes

The number of outstanding shares and votes in the company at the time of this notice amounts to 12,420,000. The company does not hold any own shares.

Draft agenda:

  1. Opening of the general meeting.
  2. Election of chairman of the general meeting.
  3. Preparation and approval of the voting list.
  4. Approval of the agenda.
  5. Election of one or two persons to verify the minutes.
  6. Determination as to whether the meeting has been duly convened.
  7. Statement by the CEO.
  8. Presentation of annual report and audit report, as well as consolidated accounts and group audit report.
  9. Decision on
    1. Establishment of income statement and balance sheet as well as consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet;
    2. Disposition of the company’s profit or loss according to the established balance sheet;
    3. Discharge from liability for the board members and the CEO.

  10. Determination of the number of Board members, Board deputies and the number of auditors and auditor deputies.
  11. Determination of fees for the Board and the auditors.
  12. Election of Board members and auditors.
  13. Termination of annual general meeting.

Proposal for decision in brief:

Profit disposition (paragraph 9(b))

The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting to dispose of the company's results in accordance with the Board's proposal in the Annual Report. The Board of Directors further proposes that no dividend be paid for the financial year 2019.

Determination of the number of board members, deputies and the number of auditors and deputy auditors and the determination of board and auditor fees (items 10 and 11)

Shareholders representing approximately 41.8 percent of the votes in the company have announced that they propose that the Board of Directors should consist of five board members and no deputy board member and that board fees of SEK 200,000 shall be paid to the Chairman of the Board and with SEK 100,000 each to the other board members excluding Ole Thastrup and Timm Jessen. Furthermore, the Board of Directors has proposed that an auditor and no deputy auditor be appointed and that fees to auditors should be paid in accordance with approved invoices in accordance with usual charging standards.

Election of the Board of Directors and Auditor (item 12)

Shareholders representing approximately 41.8 percent of the votes in the company have announced that they are proposing to re-elect Povl-André Bendz, Camilla Huse Bondesson, Jørgen Drejer, Timm Jessen and Ole Thastrup as board members. Povl-André Bendz is proposed for re-election as Chairman of the Board. Furthermore, the Board of Directors has proposed that the company's auditor Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB, with Cecilia Andrén Dorselius, be re-elected until the end of the Annual General Meeting held next financial year.

Personal data that has been collected from the of Euroclear Sweden AB maintained share register, notification to participate in the general meeting and information about representatives and proxies, will be used for registration, preparation and, where applicable, minutes of general meeting.


The annual report as well as the auditor’s report for the company and the group, as well as complete proposals for decisions and proxy forms, will be available at the company’s offices, 2cureX, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark and on the company’s website ( at the latest three weeks before the AGM and sent to the shareholders who request it and state their postal address.

Shareholders who are present at the Annual General Meeting have the right to request information in accordance with Chapter 7. Section 32 of the Swedish Companies Act (2005: 551).

For more information about 2cureX:

Ole Thastrup, CEO
Tel: +45 2211 5399

Certified Adviser

Swedish Capital Markets Review AB
Tel: +46 11 32 30 732

About 2cureX

2cureX has developed the IndiTreat® (Individual Treatment) test. IndiTreat® establishes thousands of 3D microtumors that functionally resemble the patient's tumor and identifies the approved cancer treatment that most effectively kills the patient's tumor. Immediately after the test, the patient is given the selected treatment.

IndiTreat® clinically validated in eight clinical studies in colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer and preventive cancer drugs. The clinical programmes are carried out at major cancer hospitals in Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.

IndiTreat® is currently being introduced to the European market through an Early Access program.

IndiTreat® is expected to be a standard tool in the treatment design for cancer patients.

The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm (symbol: "2CUREX").