Specialized diagnostic solutions leader Werfen, to distribute 2cureX products in Spain

September 28 | 2021

2cureX, a company pioneering the use of 3D tumoroids for drug sensitivity prediction in patients with cancer, announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement with Werfen’s Spanish affiliate. This agreement ensures commercial coverage of IndiTreat® products in the fifth largest IVD market in Europe.

2cureX and Werfen have signed an agreement by which Werfen becomes the distributor of IndiTreat® products in Spain. Under the terms of the collaboration, Werfen will promote IndiTreat® to Spanish oncology professionals, sign supply agreements with hospitals and manage the sample logistics between the hospitals and 2cureX labs in Copenhagen.

The announcement follows previous statements by 2cureX about the country prioritization strategy (2020 Annual Report) and the acceleration of the distributor network expansion (Q1 2021 Report).

Goal to bring IndiTreat® to routine clinical use

“This is a change in scale for 2cureX commercial operations”, said Fernando Andreu, CEO of 2cureX. “Werfen is the largest specialized diagnostic solutions company in Spain and has a reputation and a reach into hospitals like no other. We are thrilled with this collaboration that will contribute significantly to the adoption of IndiTreat® in routine clinical use”.

Werfen was founded in 1966 in Barcelona, Spain. The company is a Global leader in several specialized diagnostic segments like Hemostasis, Acute Care Diagnostics and Autoimmunity. It operates in more than 130 countries, through direct affiliates (30) or distributors. 2020 revenue exceeded EUR 1.69 billion and it has nearly 6,000 employees worldwide. Werfen has a strong presence in the Oncology Diagnostics space with products that are complementary to IndiTreat® such as molecular biomarker testing based on PCR, FISH and NGS technologies.

“The importance of Precision Oncology applications is growing and positively impacting patient outcomes and improving their quality of life. Drug sensitivity tests will have a relevant role on this context. 2cureX is the right partner to allow Werfen to continue providing innovative specialized diagnostic solutions and to make these technologies available to all cancer patients in Spain” stated Jaume Dosta, General Manager of Werfen in Spain.

Spain is a strategic priority market

“The Spanish market is very strategic for us”, said Jesper Floyd Kristiansen, VP Business Development at 2cureX. “It is the fifth largest European market in IVD, and it has a vibrant oncology community. Spanish oncologists and pathologists are always at the forefront in adoption of new technologies and have a strong influence in international societies”.

The agreement also covers the territory of Andorra and becomes effective on October 1, 2021. It has been signed for an initial period of three years, with successive automatic renewals after that. Other terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. Impact on sales is expected to be shown in 2022.