2cureX is expanding its operations in Germany with the opening of a screening lab at Centrum für innovative Medizin (CiM), Hamburg

April 24 | 2018
To prepare for the launch and commercialisation of 2cureX’s IndiTreat® test, 2cureX has opened a screening laboratory at the Centrum für innovative Medizin (CiM), Hamburg.

2cureX has since its inception been integrated into hospitals. This provides 2cureX an invaluable insight into the needs and challenges of cancer hospitals and patients. The initial European launch markets for 2cureX’s IndiTreat® product will be Germany, United Kingdom and the Nordic countries constituting to more than 30% of the European colorectal cancer market. The new 2cureX laboratory in Hamburg will be handling the commercial testing in Germany.

2cureX is presently conducting a clinical study where the feasibility of IndiTreat® is being validated in colorectal cancer patients.

Early in 2018 2cureX has been awarded a grant comprising EUR 3 million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Program. The highly prestigious grant is given to finalize the clinical validation by conducting a multi-national prospective randomized clinical trial and to initiate market launch. In preparation for the commercialization in Germany, the 100% subsidiary 2cureX GmbH has established an IndiTreat® screening lab at the Centrum für innovative Medizin (CiM) in Hamburg. CiM is located in direct proximity to the UKE campus. This facilitates both the know-how exchange between the collaboration partners as well as the transfer from a development product to a certified commercial IVD-test. In addition, the 2cureX screening lab will become the prime contact for offering IndiTreat® testing to other German oncology hospitals.

“It is an important milestone for 2cureX that we now open a commercial, screening laboratory in Hamburg” says the Managing Director for 2cureX GmbH, Jürgen Kupper, and he continues “it is a pleasure to see a tremendous interest from the clinical environment in Germany to investigate the applicability of IndiTreat® in clinical practise. With the new laboratory we now have the capacity to support this interest”.

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2cureX has developed IndiTreat® (Individual Treatment Design) – a patented method for selecting the right drug for the right patient, thereby improving cancer treatment. Initially, IndiTreat® is targeted towards colorectal cancer; but the method is applicable to additional cancer indications. The company is listed at the Nasdaq First North stock exchange in Stockholm (symbol “2CUREX”).